32 Cutaways

A film made for (des formes de vie) une écologie des pratiques artistiques, a project developed by Franck Leibovici with the support of Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers.

If it stutters and stops while playing, stop it first and then wait a few minutes for the reserve to get ahead of the streaming, then it will play smoothly.


Howie Feeds Me is a visual hypertext containing 164 photographs, arranged as visual sonnets containing (more or less) fourteen images each. Some sonnets consist of single images presented one at a time, others have been made into continuous loops the viewer moves through. To see it click here.

The piece was originally made in Director software and published on CD-ROM in 2002. That version is no longer compatible with current operating systems. If, however, you wish to see the original version and have an older Mac or PC system (for the Mac it’s Snow Leopard or earlier) . . . you can download it here from the website of the Center for Studies in American Culture.

To read Michael Joyce’s essay on Howie Feeds Me, click here.