Thinking Together: An E-Mail Exchange and All That Jazz, edited by Dianne with a preface by Franck Leibovici, is an electronic book of the email correspondence of musicians and sociologists Howard Becker and Rob Faulkner during the years they were writing their book for the University of Chicago Press called Do You Know. . .? The Jazz Repertoire in Action.

The e-book is published by The Annenberg Press and available from Amazon, the Apple Store, and other places that handle e-books. You can read Howie Becker’s introduction describing how the project came into existence here.

A paper version of the exchange is published by and available at Questions Théoriques (of course, without the links to almost 300 songs Howie and Rob mention that are included in the electronic version).


Everybody Winked is a transcript of a taped conversation between Howie and Dianne about playing piano in Chicago in the ’40s and early ’50s. Read the whole book here. It will open in a separate window. Or if you have an iPad2 or older click here.



The University Press of Kentucky published, How I Learned Not To Be a Photojournalist, in 1996. You can read the book here. It will open in a separate window.