center, Thunderbird House, south of the city. United Indians had the Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park and the Youth Center downtown. I called Thunderbird House first and arranged a meeting with Harold Belmont, the director of the program. Alcoholism was a serious problem at Duck Valley, and I had wanted to get more than a superficial understanding of it while I was there, but I ran out of time.

I didn’t actually start working on my Seattle project until the following spring. By that time, Harold Belmont had left Thunderbird House and been replaced by Ernie Turner. So I met with Ernie Turner and showed him the Duck Valley photographs. He was enthusiastic about my photographing at Thunderbird House. Ernie was a native Alaskan who had drunk for more than twenty years, screwed up his marriage and his job, then lived on the streets. He stopped drinking about eight years before I met him and started counseling other Indian alcoholics. He was a charming man. He adopted the theories of Dr. James Milam,(9) co-author of Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism. I bought the book and began to read it, along with a lot of other stuff Ernie or the other counselors gave me.

At Ernie’s suggestion, I talked to Dave Albert, Ernie’s buddy and the director of the outpatient alcoholism program downtown. Dave and I liked each other right away. He was a Canadian Indian, and, like Ernie, he had been a drunk for more than twenty years before he got sober and started counseling. While Ernie was stylish, professional, a public speaker, and schmoozer, Dave was shy and slender and dressed like an old hippie, with an untucked-in shirt and a ponytail down to his waist. He usually wore a colorful wool hat on his head.

The first photograph I made of the alcoholism program was a portrait of Dave sitting in a classroom in the outpatient center wearing his favorite hat with the pom-pom. It’s a sweet portrait. I knew when I made it that it was an important picture because Dave and I would show it to everyone at the treatment center, and they would evaluate what