There were about six or seven or eight girls who danced. I think six, and, I don’t know if I told you about this before or not, but there were four of us in the band. It was a continuous show, so there were only three of us playing at any one time. We each worked fifteen minutes off and forty-five minutes on.

The drummer was a guy named Bob Perry, who’s real name was Perry Viggiano. He was a little short, fat Italian guy, 4F. I mean, they were all 4F except me. And then there was a guy named Eddie Beyer who . . . there were two saxophone players and one doubled piano, so when I took off, he played piano.

And the other doubled drums, so when Bob Perry took off, then the other guy played drums. So there were only ever three of us on the stand at one time, but it also meant that you could never take more than your fifteen minutes because the other guy was waiting to get off.